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Indy Products brings 23 years experience in delivering high quality

Pinewood Derby car kits, Pinewood Derby tracks and Derby Timers to Parent-Child programs, Scouts, Indian Guides, Shape 'N Race and Royal Rangers programs throughout the country. We provide The best quality products in the business.





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Indy Products supplies car kits to a wide range of programs including Scouts pinewood derby . With Indy Products derby kits ,the precision that most Machinists and Engineers will demand in their cars, is built in. This makes it possible for you to build a competitive car without the need for a machine shop in your basement.

Indy Kit wheels are manufactured from a special plastic that is selected for:
* Superior chemical resistance.
* Impact resistance
* Light weight
The result is that you can use liquid lubricants ( graphite does not work very well anyway), the wheels will not shatter or chip if your child drops the car, and the car will run faster with light weight wheels. All of Indy Products cars use solid axles to make it easier to produce a Pinewood derby car with accurate alignment. All axles are produced with precision ground steel and polished.

Need a different size car?

If you have a special car size or design that is needed for your program, we may be able to produce a kit for your special needs. Contact us and we may be able to help.

This is the largest car kit that is currently available. Overall length is slightly less than 10 inches. When assembled overall width is slightly less than 4 1/2 inches. This car is usually made up to 1 1/2 pounds. This car is designed to run with edge guides instead of a straddle rail. This is a favorite of the YMCA Indian Guides Programs and Indian Princesses Programs, and is the basic car kit for the Indy-UN-500 race.

A major advantage of the FASCAR is their large sturdy components. This is an advantage for the smaller children that want to work on the car. Larger components are easier for small children to manipulate.

The retainers are supplied with a rub washer to go against the body, (just separate the attached washer with a pair of scissors), and a built in locking feature inside the push on cap.

The wheels are molded with the same materials and care as the INDYKIT wheels and are machined to remove any mold marks and produce a uniform size.

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